I am a business and people professional with a style anchored in consistency, transparency and humility. I promote a culture of service excellence by working with people as ‘subjects’ to be learned from and respected as individuals, not as ‘objects’ on a balance sheet.

I believe that I have a tremendous wealth of information to share and my natural curiosity opens my mind to new ideas, concepts, and discovery. My broad knowledge and wisdom affords me the opportunity to be a highly effective leader.

Expertise gained as a Senior Director of Technology, Chief Technology Officer, Psychotherapist, Adjunct Professor and Business Owner helped develop a deep toolbox of abilities and techniques that I readily use on a daily basis.

I am a critical and analytical thinker, easily approachable, flexible, creative problem solver and visionary. My experience enhances my ability to implement a culturally aware, equality based approach with each encounter.

I recognize my own implicit bias and actively engage others to understand their worldview. I employ a multidisciplinary approach to management, coaching, professional advancement, education, training, and teamwork. I operate with intentionality, continuously driven to exceed expectations.

I am adept at creating change and look forward to taking on complex challenges.  I approach every situation utilizing active listening and observation skills in order to determine an appropriate initial course of action.  

Now a reality check – on rare occasion, I will and do make mistakes. I am well aware that I am human, solely accountable for my personal actions. I examine and reflect upon each mistake in order to develop a path forward, mindful of the importance of building trust and confidence along the way. My superpower is always honoring my core value of integrity.

Kevin J. Bernstein

Leadership Blog: www.leadershipthroughintegrity.com